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Satellite Election Offices (SEOs)

The Philadelphia City Commissioners are opening 10 Satellite Election Offices (SEOs), to make voting more accessible citywide. With a permanent location in each of the city’s 10 Council Districts, these offices will provide essential election services, ensuring that all Philadelphia Voters have access to tools and information needed to register and cast their vote. By bringing services closer to home, County Board of Elections staff provide a hands-on, informative, and secure experience for Philadelphians.

What can you do at a Satellite Election Office?

  • Register to vote.
  • Update your registration.
  • Apply for mail-in or absentee ballot.
  • Complete mail-in or absentee ballot.
  • Return completed mail-in or absentee ballot.
  • Obtain replacement ballots, declaration envelopes, and/or secrecy envelopes.
  • Request an emergency absentee ballot.
Location Address Hours of Operation Contact
3rd Council District 4029 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Mon – Fri: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. PH: 215-686-7803

Visit for an interactive map of our Satellite Election Offices to find one near you!

Coming Soon:

Location Anticipated Opening
1st Council District Summer 2024
7th Council District Summer 2024
8th Council District Summer 2024


Are Absentee and Mail-In Ballots the same thing?

Absentee Ballots are requested by voters who will be absent from the city on election day, who have an illness or physical disability, or are unable to vote on election day due to religious observance. A Mail-In Ballot may be requested by any Pennsylvania voter without needing to provide an excuse to receive the ballot. Both of these varieties of mail ballots are treated the same by the County Board of Elections.

Can I vote early at a Satellite Election Office?

Pennsylvania does not have early voting. At a Satellite Election Office, you can request, receive, complete, and return a mail ballot.

What happens to my mail ballot after I submit it?

Mail ballots are collected from our drop boxes, including the drop boxes at our Satellite Election Offices, on a daily basis. They are returned to the Election Warehouse, where they are securely stored until Election Day.

Can I leave behind literature about my candidate or hang up posters at a Satellite Election Office?

No, we do not allow any candidate or partisan materials inside or outside our Satellite Election Offices.

I am with an advocacy group, not a political campaign. Can I leave information or put up signs?

No, we do not allow any outside groups to distribute or post information inside or outside our Satellite Election Offices.

Do I have to live in this neighborhood/district to be helped?

No, any Philadelphia resident who is eligible to register to vote can be serviced at any of our Satellite Election Offices.

What are the requirements to receive an emergency absentee ballot?

Voters who have a disability, illness, or absence from Philadelphia that was not, and could not have been, known prior to the ordinary mail ballot application deadline (5:00 P.M. on the Tuesday before each election) can apply for an emergency absentee ballot.

Where can voters request an emergency absentee ballot?

To ensure their ballots are processed in time to be counted, voters should request an emergency absentee ballot in-person from the Board of Elections in City Hall or a Satellite Election Office.

Can someone pick up a ballot for another voter?

In most circumstances, no. However, a voter who is ill or disabled may designate someone to serve as their agent to pick up and/or drop off their ballot. The voter and their agent must fill out a Designated Agent Form. This form must be completed before the agent transports the ballot. Agents can only transport ballots for a single household.

Can a voter bring in their own assistance to the Satellite Election Office?

Yes. The person providing assistance must first fill out the correct portion of the application they’ve assisted in completing or an Assistance Declaration form when they’re assisting in the marking of a ballot. The person providing assistance may be anyone of the voter’s choosing other than their employer or an agent of their union.

Where are the drop boxes located?

You can visit for an interactive map of our secure drop boxes to find the location closest to you.

Mail Ballot Drop Box Locations:

  • City Hall (South Broad Apron): 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd, 19107
  • Corner of Kingsessing and S 50th St: 50th St & Kingsessing Ave, 19143
  • Corporal Jimmy O’Connor Memorial Playground: 4330 Deerpath Lane, 19154 (formerly Chalfont Playground)
  • Dorothy Emanuel Rec. Center: 8500 Pickering Street, 19150
  • Eastern State Penitentiary: 2027 Fairmount Ave, 19130
  • Eastwick Library: 2851 Island Ave, 19153
  • Election Warehouse: 11311 Roosevelt Blvd, 19154
  • Engine 55 Fire Station: 101 W Luzerne St, 19140
  • Engine 64 Fire Station: Benner St and Rising Sun Ave, 19111
  • Ford PAL Rec. Center: 609 Snyder Ave, 19148
  • Heitzman Rec: 3645 Amber St, 19134
  • Independence Branch Library: 18 S 7th St, 19106
  • Kendrick Rec: 5822 Ridge Ave, 19128
  • Markward Playground: 400 S Taney St, 19146
  • Overbrook Park Library: 7422 Haverford Ave, 19151
  • Pelbano Rec. Center: 8101 Bustleton Ave, 19152
  • Pleasant Playground: 6757 Chew Ave, 19119
  • Satellite Election Office – 3rd Council District: 4029 Market St, 19104
  • Shepard Rec. Center: 5700 Haverford Ave, 19131
  • Shissler Rec. Center: 1800 Blair Street, 19125
  • Smith Playground: 2100 S 24th St, 19145
  • Stenton Playground: 4600 N 16th, 19140
  • Strawberry Mansion HC: 2840 W Dauphin St, 19132
  • Vogt Rec. Center: 4131 Unruh Ave, 19135
  • Voter Registration Office, Riverview Place: 520 N Columbus Blvd, 19123