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Working the Polls

Become a Board Worker

Every four years (ex. 2025, 2029, etc.) voters elect a Judge of Election and a Majority and Minority Inspector for their voting division. These officials administer the elections in each of the 1,703 divisions throughout Philadelphia.

If there’s a vacancy in your division, you may seek a court appointment to fill the vacancy until the next time Election Board Workers are on the ballot. For more info, call the Election Board unit at (215) 685-4811 or County Board of Elections at (215) 686-3469.

The Office of the City Commissioners fills Poll Worker vacancies when Judges of Election can’t. Poll Workers manage the voting process on Election Day. They open voting machines, check in voters, keep people voting, and close up at the end of the night. Those interested in filling these positions must attend training and work on Election Day from 6:15 AM until election materials are picked up from the polling place sometime after 8:00 PM. Appointed Poll Workers must be qualified electors of Philadelphia and meet all other qualifications required of election board officers.

  • Judges of Election are paid $205 for working on Election Day.
  • Majority Inspectors, Minority Inspectors, Clerks, and Machine Inspectors are paid $200 for working on Election Day.
  • Bilingual Interpreters are paid $180 for working on Election Day.
All positions are paid $50 for attending training and $30 for the poll book refresher if they also work on Election Day.

*Bilingual interpreters supporting two divisions or holding another position on the Election Board would in no event receive more than $295 for working one election.

Voters interested in working on Election Day should complete the online form below. Submitting your information to be considered for a Poll Worker Position does not guarantee you a position on Election Day.

If you’re a student who would like to be a poll worker, a student’s guardian, or an educator, click here to learn more about the Involved at 17 program. For Involved at 17 (17 years old or older, student poll worker) application Click here.

Bilingual Interpreter? Click here.