Voter ID

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ID is not required to vote, unless it is your first time voting in your current division.

Please be aware, however, that an existing ID requirement is in place for voters who are new to their voting division (precinct). There are multiple types of photo and non-photo IDs that can be used to fulfill this requirement.




This is a list of acceptable IDs for voters who are new to a division:

  • Valid voter registration card issued by the Philadelphia Voter Registration Office
  • Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT ID card
  • Valid ID issued by any Commonwealth agency
  • Valid ID issued by the U.S. Government
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Valid U.S. Armed Forces ID
  • Valid Student ID
  • Valid Employee ID
  • Non-photo ID issued by the Commonwealth, or any agency thereof
  • Non-photo ID issued by the U.S. Government, or any agency thereof
  • Firearm permit
  • Current utility bill
  • Current bank statement
  • Paycheck
  • Government check