Poll Watcher Certificate Requests And Candidate Authorization Forms

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Please read these instructions carefully and fill out ALL information on this form. Incomplete or improperly submitted Poll Watcher Certificate request forms will delay the processing and issuing of Poll Watcher Certificates.

Poll Watcher Certificates must be authorized in advance by the candidate or political party to have a certificate issued on their behalf.

All Poll Watchers must be registered voters in Philadelphia. For Primary Elections, Poll Watcher Certificates may only be issued on behalf of a candidate. For General Elections, Poll Watcher certificates may be issued on behalf of either a candidate or a political party. No more than two Poll Watcher Certificates may be issued for the same division on behalf of the same candidate. No more than three Poll Watcher Certificates may be issued for the same division on behalf of the same political party.

Candidates can download and submit the form below to authorize the use of their names for Poll Watcher Certificates. Any questions about the authorization process may be directed to the County Board of Elections by calling 215-686-3469.

Download Candidate Authorization Form

Download Committeeperson Authorization & Request Form

Completed candidate authorization forms can be emailed to phillyelection@phila.gov or dropped off at City Hall, Room 142.

To request Poll Watcher Certificates, please follow the below link to complete the form. You may submit as many watchers at once as you wish, provided they are all authorized by the same party/candidate.